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Marketing Ideas For Promoting Your Municipal Election Campaign

Dave Flook, from PRINTOGA sharing some municipal election marketing tips and considerations. After many conversations with candidates throughout Ontario I've noticed that many are unaware of the free or inexpensive ways to promote their campaign and to connect with the voters in their ward. I've written the list below to give you some ideas and suggestions that you may not have considered with the aim of benefiting your campaign. I've included links to PRINTOGA services/details where applicable as well. 

I am always available if you have any questions, would like to discuss your campaign or would just like to bounce some ideas and get further advice (226.887.9323).



  • Take advantage of car magnets to promote your campaign. This is a great way to keep your name/branding in the public eye. PRINTOGA designs and prints car magnets - CLICK FOR DETAILS.

  • Leave your postcards at local coffee shops, stores, in mailboxes, hand them out to everyone you meet, bring them to events etc. Our postcards are an incredibly effective and inexpensive way to advertise and open the door for dialog. ALWAYS carry a stack of postcards on you at all times and ask others to help distribute them. PRINTOGA designs & prints election postcards - CLICK FOR DETAILS.

  • In addition to your regular lawn signs you can take advantage of a large sign for your yard. Here at PRINTOGA we have a large coroplast sign out front (which is attached to a wooden post like that of a real estate sign). On this wooden sign we have a postcard hanger that hold our promotional postcards. Be sure to check your local bylaws regarding lawn sign sizes. PRINTOGA can design and print your lawn signs - CLICK FOR DETAILS.



  • Sign up for a free GOOGLE MY BUSINESS account and list your election website. Your website will be better indexed and people will be able to leave feedback, ask questions/interact with you. Additionally you are able to post images, blogs, links etc.

  • Enhance your election campaign by taking advantage of a high-end website. While print marketing is mandatory for a campaign - space is limited. A website on the other-hand is expansive and can have additional features that will make you stand out. PRINTOGA offers high-end campaign websites - CLICK FOR DETAILS.

  • Change your email address! If you have a domain name then you should be using a domain email address. For example, if your website domain is then your email you use for your election campaign ideally should be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or something along those lines). You should avoid using hotmail or gmail accounts (ie - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). A branded domain email address is a very easy way to look professional. Your domain email should be used on all your print materials. PRINTOGA can help register your custom domain url - CLICK FOR DETAILS.

  • Also in regards to emails - avoid using underlines, numbers, dashes or periods. These are often typed in wrong, misheard. For example, someone with the email address "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." can be easily confused with "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".  People will ask for your email address during your campaign and the last thing you want is for their emails to bounce back because they misheard or misunderstood your address.

  • Take advantage of blogs and vlogs. Post weekly blogs on your website (which are also posted on Facebook/Twitter). Sign up for a free youtube account and start your own youtube channel. Create weekly video updates (also post on social media/website). You can use this platform to discuss your campaign, current issues, hot topics, answer questions, talk about your goals etc. A lot of candidates are not taking full advantage of this free method of advertising. You will stand out if you incorporate it into your campaign plan. PRINTOGA offers motion graphics for videos - CLICK FOR DETAILS.

  • Take FULL advantage of social media. Create a dedicated facebook page, post daily updates, blogs, vlogs, upcoming events etc. Your page should have your branding and should stand out.  Social media is all about community and dialog. Be active on local facebook groups and engage in the conversation. Always leave a footer on your posts with your name, website, etc.. PRINTOGA can help set up your dedicated Facebook page - CLICK FOR DETAILS

  • Incorporate a live chat on your website. We can set up a live chat on any website which will connect to your cell phone. This way, guests who are visiting your site can talk with you directly (and easily). When you are in "offline mode" they can send you an email. This is a GREAT way for people to connect to you easily. Give us a call to have us set this up on your website (226.887.9323).


General Marketing

  • Change your out going answering machine message. Make it warm, welcoming, smile when you talk. Mention your name, ward you are running in, website etc. When you are leaving messages be sure to include the same information. We have called hundreds of candidates during this election and it is suprising how many do not have their campaign information on their outgoing message. People will generally respond in kind - so if you have a nice tone, speak clearly, present yourself professionally, then you will get a better response.

  • Craft your brand. All elements should be considered - this includes your slogan, tone, graphics, theme etc. Your branding elements should be similar across all marketing materials. Your lawn signs should be branded similar to your postcards which is branded similar to your website. For school board trustee positions you can use a school theme for example. You can think outside of the box with your branding in order to make it stand out. A nicely designed campaign will go a VERY long way. PRINTOGA can help you craft your brand.

  • Ensure there is a call to action on all marketing materials. This could be a "vote for" tagline, a "call me" line with your number or "view my website for blog updates".

  • Engage your ward with questionnaires, polls, & other interactive materials. This can be done either online via your website, social media or via print. You can collect the information obtained and easily address it in a blog, vlog etc. This will encourage active participation and make you stand out from others who are not engaging the ward.

  • Arrange a "meet & great" at a local coffee shop. Promote it on your website/social. Be sure your bring your postcards and other promotional materials. 


A successful political campaign wins the hearts of a broad range of voters through a carefully crafted marketing strategy. PRINTOGA specializes in municipal election marketing design & print. We have worked with a wide number of candidates for the 2018 elections and we look forward to working with you. 

~ Dave Flook | PRINTOGA | Phone: 226.887.9323 | Text: 519.222.9099



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