Unleash Your Business Potential with PRINTOGA's Pet Prints Partnerships!

Get ready to empower your pet-related business and broaden your services with PRINTOGA's exclusive partnership program! This exciting opportunity is all about helping you grow your business and delight your customers with custom printed pet-themed merchandise. Once approved, you'll have access to a treasure trove of customizable products, from mugs to canvas prints, shirts to coasters, and more. Set your own prices and create an extended range of services that cater to your clients' needs. We'll handle the heavy lifting, taking care of printing and shipping, so you can focus on what you do best – offering your clients a wider array of custom pet-inspired delights. Join the PRINTOGA family and take your business to new heights with our partnership program!

Custom Printed Product Examples

We can customize anything listed on this website but the items below are the most common. There are no order minimums on these items. We offer bundle pricing as well.
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Custom Printed Mugs & Bottles
  • Custom Puzzles
  • Apparel (shirts, hoodies etc.)
  • Metal Photo Panels
  • Custom Coasters
  • Pinback Buttons
  • Custom Keychains

We couldn’t be happier with PRINTOGA’s partnership program. We are now able to extend our dog walking business and offer custom pet printing to our clients. There is a lot of wiggle room for setting our prices. It literally could not be any easier!

Brooklyn Simmons



Increased Profit Margins

Access to reduced-cost print services means higher profit margins for your pet business.

Expanded Services

Diversify your offerings with a range of custom print products, from canvas prints to mugs and posters.

Time Savings

Let us handle the printing and fulfillment, saving you valuable time to focus on your business.

Enhanced Client Experience

Provide your clients with high-quality, personalized keepsakes that enhance their overall experience.

Professional Quality

Ensure that your clients receive professional-grade prints that reflect your brand.

No Inventory Costs

Eliminate the need for inventory management and associated costs.

Fast Turnaround

Enjoy quick order fulfillment, keeping your clients happy with speedy delivery.

Marketing Materials

Access marketing materials and resources to promote your expanded services.

No Shipping Hassles

Avoid the hassle of shipping logistics; we’ll deliver directly to your clients.

Repeat Business

Create opportunities for repeat business as clients return for additional custom prints.


Easily scale your print services up or down depending on demand.

No PRINTOGA branding

Your clients won’t ever know their prints come from PRINTOGA. Our business name will not be on any of the materials, boxes etc.


Step One

Enroll into program. Once you have been approved you will have access to a dedicated partnership portal. From here you will be able to obtain marketing materials such as images, unbranded sales PDFs and more. Our aim at PRINTOGA is to make it exceedingly easy for you to provide print services to your clients. You will also be able to purchase items directly from the online store. All discounts and savings will be applied to our listed prices. Our prices will give you plenty of room for profitbility.

Step Two

Add services to your website/include in your marketing. You are able to set your own prices and use your own brand. Your clients will never know the final print items are fulfilled by PRINTOGA (our branding will not be on any boxes or items). Additionally, we will never contact your clients. You have total freedom over how you will market print services (pitching to previous clients is a great start). Our partnership program is designed so that you can add a large number of high-quality pet related print products to your business without having to make any investments.

Step Three

When you client(s) wants to make a purchase you simply log into the PRINTOGA partnership portal and place the order. You will also upload the print-ready file. We will print and ship direct to your client. You keep the price difference. We can provide tracking #’s for all orders. Typical turn-around is roughly 5 business days. We can also provide mockups for all orders. We ship anywhere in Ontario and use UPS/Canpar for our delivery services. Customization (graphic design & custom layout) are also available.








Custom Designed
Pet Prints

Select from dozens of different designs ranging from super heros to firemen. PRINTOGA will digitally splice in your pet (dog, cat etc.) into the image, make color corrections, add shadows etc. We then print on stretched canvas and deliver to your home.


Enrollment is easy! Simply fill out the following form to arrange a brief 10-minute phone chat. We can run through the progam and answer any questions you may have. Enrollment is 100% free - there is no charge to become a partner. Once approved you will have full access to our partnership portal and can start enjoying the many benefits we have to offer.

We will text/email you to make phone call arrangements. We look forward to working with you.