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7 Creative Ways to Use Banners

Custom printed banners are great for communicating your client’s message in a big way. You can often find them hung on walls, suspended from poles, or displayed in frames or stands.

But is that really all you can do with them? It’s time to think outside the box and be inspired.

Here are 7 creative ways to use banners that are often overlooked.

1. Tablecloths and Table Runners

Big banners can cover an entire table while smaller ones can run along the table for a unique, customized table runner. This helps you save space at trade shows, conventions, and markets while still showcasing your brand.

2. Finish Lines

If you hold annual races or charity runs, banners make great finish lines. While traditional finishing lines are just a long piece of ribbon, banner finish lines can have personalized messages like “congratulations!” or “thank you for participating.”

3. Room Dividers and Partitions

Banners are an affordable way to temporarily divide a large area into smaller ones. Unlike bulky traditional dividers and partitions, banners are easy to transport to the venue and store when not in use. You may even want the name of the activity printed on the banner itself so that participants know where to go.

4. Signed Cards

If you are planning to hold a business anniversary celebration, retirement party, or some other event that involves getting a lot of people to sign a card, you can skip the small folded card stock and go big. Print a solid colored banner and have guests sign with permanent markers. At the end of the event, you can roll it up and give it to a special recipient.

5. Rulers

Whether you want to keep track of the height of their kids or stop a forklift from entering a low clearance area, banners make excellent rulers. Simply print the measurements onto the banner itself and mount the banner where it’s most needed.

6. Cover-Ups

Why look at a disorganized pile of work when you can look at a beautiful banner instead? You can hide the messier parts of their business behind large banners. Most types, such as vinyl and mesh, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which is why many construction companies will hide the unsightly work-in-progress behind branded banners.

7. Backgrounds

Next time you are filming a video or doing a photo shoot, make sure they have the right background. Print beautiful scenery on banners to instantly create a more appealing background, or print your name and logo so that your branding is always visible. These are especially useful during elections when candidates want lots of media coverage.

Banners Aren’t Just Banners!

There are so many different ways to use banners, so don’t be confined to just their most typical uses. Contact PRINTOGA today to discuss your marketing needs and to discover more ways that you can use banners for your business or event. For more details about our vinyl banners click here.